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Beats are the footing of a song that determines its quality. It is noteworthy to procure perfect beats, as the standards of composing and rapping depend on the beats you choose. In the modern era, there is a decent market for beats magnifying the opportunities to sell and purchase beats. However, with the evolution of technology, Buying and selling beats is at your fingertips wherever you are.

Beat producers can produce music without labelling and have the ability to connect with the best artists from worldwide.  There are numerous ways that you can support and collaborate in selling and buying music without a middle person involvement. 

If you’re in search of the best platforms where you can get beats for your next music production, keep reading. Also, if you are a producer looking for a decent platform to sell your beats, this guide will shed some light on finding the ideal online beat market for you.


Where do rappers look for beats?


By 2021, most rappers tend to search for beats on online platforms. In the beginning, SoundClick was the most popular online beat seller among many artists around the world which eventually lost its attention with the arrival of other competitive resources.  

YouTube can be considered the most significant online platform when it comes to beat selling. It is the leading platform where thousands of rappers look for beats per day. YouTube constantly updates their algorithms in order to provide good quality instrumental beats for the users including recommendations.  On YouTube, users are allowed to get beats for non-profit usage without paying. However, in order to create music productions with unique and original sounds, it would be beneficial to purchase beats. The generality of rappers searches beats on YouTube as they can listen to the beats before purchasing it via the provided links in the description. 

SoundCloud is one of the major platforms where many unsigned artists look for beats. Nowadays, Artists hesitate to search instrumental beats on SoundCloud as they do not provide filtered results for particular keywords. Many artists do not find it beneficial to use SoundCloud due to the repeated outdated results they get. is an uprising name where many users search for beats for many reasons. This platform is ideal for searching first-rate beats as they have limited 60% of the producer market share. The navigation issues in other platforms have been lessened in, creating manageable attributes to find the beats you desire. Artists love to search beats on BeatStars as they can search beats by genre, dates and mood.

Airbit is one of the initial instant beat stores which is popular among many rappers. However, in comparison to YouTube and BeatStars the beat results they provide is poor due to the limited producers they have. Most of the rappers started to go for other options as they provide outdated beats. On the other hand, the limited number of producers are well known, talented artists in the industry. The rappers who are in search of perfect quality beats consider Airbit a great platform that they search for beats.

Soundee is a popular best selling platform that keeps updating with new features convincing its resourcefulness with best beats. Soundee prioritises providing E-commerce selling principles with producers and the best beats. Even though it is a new platform many artists have gathered around it because of the best quality service.


How do I get beats to send to rappers?


The main method of earning money for a beat producer could be selling their beats. Record labels are the original way to submit your beats which is not very easy. However, it is important to convince yourself that you are profitable. In order to sell your beats to record labels, your productions must stick to high standards. You have to make sure your beats are of good quality. Make sure to stay up to date with the industry while improving your talents to deliver polished music to convince them of success. You can sell your music directly to your clients using the internet.


If you want to avoid recording labels you can independently sell your beats with websites and companies, in search of polished beats producers who can pitch for them. Rappers, singers, televisions and record companies are the Platforms where you can claim the ownership of your music productions. This is one of the cleverest ways of selling your beats on an online platform.

YouTube is one of the leading online platforms where people step in to find what they want. Try to get ad revenue via a YouTube partnership programme by sharing your beats on YouTube. To make money on YouTube make sure you have at least 1000 subscribers.

In addition to that, you can sell your beats on previously mentioned platforms. Moreover, blogging will highly boost you when selling you beats without a middle person. Further, you can widen your fan base through a personal website.

To get the complete profit of your productions, you can skip record labels by using distribution services as they distribute your music productions to the leading streaming platforms. Online streaming is a promising way to broaden your fan base but you will not profit the full amount you deserve. 

Social media play a major role in marketing your beats. Facebook is the ideal way if you can go for a high budget. However, there are social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest where you can promote your music productions.


How do rappers find producers? 


Are you looking for an amazing producer to make your demo into a masterwork?  Remember the quality of a song always depends on the music. It is important to find the right producer for your music. You can find producers from the above-mentioned platforms and social media. Instagram is distinguished as an exemplary place to find producers as they upload their work on IG Stories. One of the best ways to get the first-rate instrumentals for a fair price is licensing beats online. There will be a range of beats available for the license to select from.  Feel free to contact independent producers to get your personalized beats.

When selecting a producer make sure to go for a genre-specific producer. Though they cost more than multi-genre producers you will never regret spending some money on your music after you listen to the final touch of the song.

Before you select a producer for your music productions, it is important to talk to several producers and get to know who is the perfect one for your songs.

Always be clear about what you want. Share your ideas with the producers to make creations just as you desire. 


How do rappers find beats?


Rappers get paid beats or free beats from online platforms as mentioned above. There you can find talented artists belonging to various genres, looking forward to selling their beats. There are tracks the rappers can download for free and for customizations, they can contact the artist directly. The internet is snowing under with online beat producers who make diverting beats.

As it is mentioned earlier, rappers tend to find beats on online resources considering the convenience and other benefits. However, due to these reasons, the market has impacted in an awful manner. There can be polished beats as well as low-quality beats on the internet. When finding the beats rappers will have to spend hours to select a good quality beat. It is important to choose platforms wisely considering their standards to get the maximum benefits for music productions avoiding the drawbacks.


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