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How to Rap Fast

There are many rappers all round the world. Each of them have a different fan base with regard to their different rap styles. Many rappers are known to be legends for their brilliant performance of spitting rhymes in a limited amount of time. So all is up to one’s ability to spit fast and moving the mouth fast. This is not actually an easy task. There are specific known steps that you should go through in order to rap fast. So below here are the best known steps that you should take if you want to rap fast.

  1. Do warm-up exercises

Any person does warm ups before starting something. A guitar player may do some exercises before playing. A footballer may do some warm-up exercises before playing. Likewise, a rapper should also do warm-ups. It is to make your mouth and specially voice. Or else there may be cuts, breath outs when rapping. As a guitar player tunes up his guitar, a rapper must think that his mouth is his instrument. So it is necessary to tune your mouth accordingly.

Are there methods to warm up a rapper’s voice?

Yes there are some different methods to do warm ups. They are as below.

  • Jaw massage is very suitable to this process. Do this using your tip of the fingers. Place the finger tips at the corner of the cheek bone and rub it making small circles up to your chin. Do it with a small pressure.
  • Vibrate your lips making the ‘h’ sound and ‘b’ sound.
  • Repeat buzzing and vibrating your lips until you reach to an upper vocal range. Once you reach up, do it back down to the lower range.

Warm-up exercises also is necessary to stay calm and remove the tension. Muscular relaxation is very important not only to voice performance, but also for mental relaxation as well. It will definitely remove the muscle tension.


  1. Do daily practice to produce good pronunciation.

Practicing is always necessary if you want to rap fast. If what you are saying is not clear to the audience, you will not become a good and a talented rapper. So practicing is the best precaution for this. You need to train your mouth and voice daily. There are actually many ways to train your voice and mouth for this purpose. They are;

  • Saying tongue twisters.
  • Place an obstruction between your lips and try to speak clearly.

e.g.: for this, you can make use of an ice cube, marble or a cork.

  • Say your favourite tongue twisters before starting the day in order to practice a diction.
  • Add variety to your typical routine of pronunciation.

e.g.: try diction with whispers, over pronounce, and with exaggerate words.

So when you keep doing the above mentioned methods daily, obviously you will slay in your performance.

Is constant practice good for a rapper?

The answer to this question is obviously NO! Eventhough you have to practice regularly, constant practice is not a good choice to be taken as a rapper. Your voice is also another type of muscle. So it needs rest. In order make the muscles rest, you have to have frequent breaks. Therefore it is always better if you do not practice continuously without having breaks.


  1. Do pen exercises.

Nobody would even think that pen exercises may help you to improve rapping styles. But it actually works in a very meaningful way. All you need is a pen for this. Steps for this are as bellow.

  1. Take a pen and place it horizontally inside your mouth.
  2. Place the pen under your tongue.
  3. Try to read something as fast as you can.
  4. Reread that for 5 minutes.

You are being trained to get rid of pain from this exercise. So, once you start doing this exercise daily for just 5 minutes, you will be able to articulate words very clearly and will be able to rap faster. At the initial stage you will have to face a very painful situation, yet it would ultimately bring you good results. Also make sure that you feel the pain because if you don’t feel pain or an aching, that means the exercise is not working properly.


  1. Rapping backward technique.

Eventhough you rap as fast as you can, if the audience does not get a clear meaning of what you say, your rapping is not really successful. Audience may only hear some of your mumble and garble words. So in order to overcome this challenge of uttering clear words, many of the rappers use this technique. This is a simple technique. All you have to do is just read your verse forward and then read it backwards. This would help you to utter words faster and the audience too would hear more clear words. However, you will not be able to catchup words clearly at the beginning, so it needs practice.

Anyhow, this technique is not only used by rappers. Even the debaters use this technique in order to speak about 350 words per a minute. So, try to practice rapping using this technique and train your mouth to utter words faster and clearer. Use the written piece of your verse with a Capella to practice better.


  1. Include “A” and “WOW” in the middle of every word.

This is one of the toughest exercises in the rapping fast techniques.  All you have to do is just insert the words “A” or else “WOW” in the middle of every word you read.

e.g.: ‘Say a it a slow a at a first a and a then a speed a it a up’

‘Say wow it wow slow wow at wow first wow and wow then wow speed wow it wow up’

Rappers do this exercise in order to train their mouths to come back to the neutral position as quickly as possible. Therefore when you read words, it will constantly change your facial expressions from word to word. So the best is to utter words slowly at the initial stage and then pick up the speed. Through this, the audience will hear a meaningful pattern of words and it will make your rap come up with clear words.


  1. Use different breathing styles

This is one of the best possible techniques to rap fast. There are actually different breathing styles that a rapper should know if he or she wants to rap fast. The below pinpointed are some of them.

  • Take deep breaths.

This occurs best when you use your lower back muscle to breathe. So try to holdup your breath for a long time as possible.

The best example to narrate this technique is a balloon filled with air. There is a difference between removing air in a balloon by holding up the mouth with fingers and just letting air to go out. When you hold the mouth of the balloon using your fingers and let the air remove at a slow rate, the air will move out slowly staying for longer period of time inside than when just letting air removed.

The same thing happens in our mouth. You will have the best opportunity to rap faster when you have more air. So take a very deep breath and let the air inside the mouth remove slowly while rapping is on the process. Train you mouth to open wide when you spit the verses. This will make you to utter clear words.

  • Breathe using the diaphragm.

Diaphragm is kind of a band of muscles which is situated under your lungs. So, when you breathe from the diaphragm, it helps to produce a good tone and voice. Diaphragm is pulled down when it is occupied. This will led the lungs fill more air and this will let you keep breath for a little more long time than usual.


  • Do breathing drills.

One of the best known breathing drills is trying to read 50 words. Repeating 50 states is the most suitable exercise for this. All you have to do is take a very deep breath and read the words three time. Below are some of the 50 states for you to practice;

Maine, Georgia, Kansas, New York, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Lowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey,

Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Mexico,

North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina

Practice to utter these states in one breath.



  1. Repeat the lyrics for many times

When you practice repeating the same thing for many times, you will eventually catchup the words that you need to pronounce in a better way. And also you will practice yourself to use the mouth in a comprehensive way when rapping. So, when you practice saying things which are already fast, it will help you to say those words even faster than the previous. Basically it will train your mouth to repeat the words fast.


  1. Do loud reading

Loud reading helps you a lot in speaking smoothly and as well as it helps in developing faltering, pausing and helps to overcome when tongue gets tired. So when you read loud, it will basically allow you to speak fast and eventually you will be able to rap faster too.

However, majority thinks that a rap does not possess a rhythm. It is not true. A rap definitely has a rhythm. It has an own rhythm of itself as a poem has. Therefore, it is always better to;

  • Read poetry especially in front of your mates. So that you can get an immediate feedback from them.


  1. Recording your own voice

In order to improve your skills in rapping, you need to record your own voice by using a phone or else from your computer. When you do record and listen to your own voice, you will be able to catch up with the places that you make mistakes. So when you identify these places, you can do the rapping better next time and correct your mistakes.

However, if you are not comfortable with catching up with the mistakes, it is always better to make your friend or a relative listen to your recording. So when they show up the mistakes, you can develop your faults while getting the feedback. Friends and relatives are a good known source of improving mistakes.


  1. Make words shorter.

Usually, what all the rappers do is using slangs in their verses. So they use to cut long words and make them short. This is an easy tip when rapping.

How to make words short?

  • Pronounce the words that start with ‘th’ start with only ‘t’

e.g.: pronounce ‘with’ as ‘wit’

  • Don’t stress upon the ‘t’ sound.
  • Use slang.

e.g.: Before Anyone Else to ‘BAE’

‘Frenemy’ to a combination of friend and enemy


  1. Rap something which is important to you.

When you become passionate about your rap, the audience will automatically turn to you. This does not mean that you have to rap something which you feel about, but anything like that would be productive. Simply hit for very strong feelings to communicate something. For this, you need to;

  • Evaluate values to give more understanding of your message to the audience. For this, you need to do research on what exactly is important to you and what you dislike and what you want to alter. When you refer to these questions, you will be able to get information easily.


  • Listen to your past recordings and recollect what themes you have used in those raps. These recordings may supply information about what is important to you.



  1. Start imitating your favourite rappers.

You like another rapper because you like the styles that they use. So when you listen to their raps and start to imitate them, you will automatically practice their pronunciation and this will lead you to develop your diction. So when you follow their styles it will help you to sharpen your productions as well. Therefore imitating your favourite rappers is also another technique to rap fast.


  1. Avoid bad health habits

Smoking as we know is a bad health habit. But did you know that smoking is bad for the rappers too? Smoking will definitely damage your vocal chords. Not only that, drinking alcohol also does damage your vocal folds. So if you want to rap faster, you will have to give up and avoid smoking and consuming alcohol.



When considering the above mentioned facts, it is now clear that, in order to rap faster, there are known methods that one should take up. If someone is thinking that rapping is easy, it is obviously wrong. So if one needs to rap faster and be a talented rapper, these methods will definitely help to overcome that challenge.

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How to Rap Fast

There are many rappers all round the world. Each of them have a different fan base with regard to their different rap styles. Many rappers

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