Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Joseph Rutakangwa

Joseph Rutakangwa’s latest musical masterpiece, “Avani,” is sure to wow listeners with its soaring melodies. Joseph, a native of the exciting city of Los Angeles, California, has put his soul into this composition, creating an unforgettable song that will resonate with listeners all around the world.

“Avani” is more than just a song,it’s an adventure in artistic discovery and a celebration of the unstoppable strength of love. Joseph Rutakangwa’s all night studio sessions have given rise to a musical haven, a meeting place for soulful vocals and pulsating beats. The song’s edgy appeal comes from the drill beats, which are meant to represent the success of dedication and perseverance.

Just out and already making waves, “Avani” is a promising pop treasure. This is your chance to see the beginning of a musical phenomenon as its creator, Joseph Rutakangwa, prepares to market his work via multiple means. The name “Avani” is about to explode onto the scene, so stay on the lookout for it and join in at the ground level.

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