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Dogs On Acid

by Mountains of Acid

Prepare to embark on a wild musical journey with “Dogs On Acid” by Mountains of Acid. This Dutch producer, a child of the 80s-90s Acid Era, brings a nostalgic yet fresh twist to the world of acid and techno-inspired dance music.

Born and bred in the Netherlands, Mountains of Acid is no stranger to the pulsating beats of the underground rave scene. With a penchant for 303-snacks and a love for all things acid, this producer creates sonic landscapes that transport listeners to another dimension.

“Dogs On Acid” invites you to join a pack of raving canines as they party into the night. With infectious rhythms and hypnotic melodies, this track is sure to keep you dancing until the sun comes up.

So, unleash your inner party animal and let Mountains of Acid be your guide to a night of sonic ecstasy. Get ready to howl at the moon with “Dogs On Acid”!

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