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Embedded Rhythm

by Swansgate

Formed by three close friends in a small town in North Carolina, Swansgate is slowly transforming their sound into a modern, synthesizer-driven psychological pop. Their live set includes precisely composed songs that experiment with variation, fusion and avant-garde sounds; Keeping in mind the accessibility and spontaneity so that every show is a unique, fun and memorable experience. 

Psychedelic Pop Band Swansgate will bring fresh waves of bright melody and translucent rhythm on the flagship new album “Becoming Someone”, which will be released on streaming platforms on April 29th. Musically, the band used psychological guitars, bass and piano with jazz and experimental effects consisting of rich synths, drums and MIDI programs to create their unique tropical signature sound. While “Becoming someone” is a perfect listen to the beach, its deep lyrical themes and real-life inspiration make it perfect for reflection and deep in-depth exploration.

Artist Stu Draughn mentioned, “With this album, we really wanted to bottle up about 20+ years worth of musical influence into a 45 minute piece of music. My dad died a year before starting the project, and that thrust me into a transformation of sorts. I went through a long process of reflection, which led to a better understanding of who I am. Just as we are all children of our ancestors, this album is a child of all of the musical ideas that inspired it. I really tried hard to capture the essence of every artist I’ve ever loved, while arranging things in a way that is new and fun to listen to.” 

“Embedded Rhythm” is a mind-bending, powerful, compelling piece of Psychedelic Pop, Art Rock, Indie, Alternative music. Swansgate provides new beats that skillfully blend professionalism and emotion, giving rap singers and artists the perfect environment to build or execute their best work. 

This song is a song from their new upcoming album. It’s fresh like no other. They play a lot of instruments and with sound, it works. With guitar,drum,and bass they tried to create a tropical signature sound.

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