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This Way
Arnab Sengupta
Arnab Sengupta

This Way

by Arnab Sengupta


Arnab Sengupta is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a penchant for creating original music. Over a period of 30 odd years, Arnab has diligently pursued the study and performance of Contemporary music which has shaped up his own artistic expression. His musical style is fresh, innovative and harmonically sophisticated and his lyricism is deep and evocative.An alumni of the revered Berklee College of Music, Boston, Arnab has developed a significant body of original work. He is also a seasoned vocal coach and a session artist on several online session marketplaces. He is currently based out of Sydney, where he continues to explore opportunities to present his music in a live setting as well as develop new material.

Flashes of bold melody and timeless wisdom emanate from the multi-genre compositions of singer songwriter Arnab Sengupta on inspired new album “Leap of Faith”, out now on streaming platforms. On his 3rd album “Leap of Faith”, Arnab Sengupta incorporates a vast amount of fresh life experience, resulting in a revelatory, meditative signature sound appealing to a wide range of discerning listeners. With song titles like “Impermanence” and “Alone but not Lonely”, this new release finds Arnab leaning towards ‘the ultimate truth’ as he finds meaning in hypnotic, flowing and uplifting sonic fusions. “Leap of Faith” finds Arnab Sengupta showcasing his boundary-smashing songwriting approach, with jazz, blues, world, classical and experimental all playing important roles. To bring this project to life, Arnab has enlisted the help of a number of talented guest musicians. Those who wish to explore the depths of their own consciousness should find much to enjoy here.

“This Way” is a song from his album. Writing catchy songs and bringing unquestionably catchy concerts from everyone involved, the sound moves back and forth between the complete roar of jazz and the more key-driven, shoulder-shaking soul embraces.

Throughout the track, Arnab Sengupta manages to keep things rich enough to keep him interested, but still consistently fits in with his own recognizable grace as a musician and musician. Easy listening and something new with some old loyalties and a genuine liking for music.

Arnab Sengupta

Arnab Sengupta

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