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by Auroara Leigh

Auroara Leigh, an indigenous singer-songwriter, releases a tune full of energizing intensity called “Emergence.” Auroara combines elements of alternative folk and pop to create music that evokes a sense of spiritual healing in its listeners. Chloe Nakahara’s fiddle playing adds a touch of indigenous folk to her pop music with its haunting beauty.

“Emergence” is an empowering anthem that encourages people to be themselves without worrying about what other people think of them. The descriptive lyrics and heartfelt singing of Auroara serve as a bridge between ancient knowledge and modern reality.

Auroara Leigh is a Canadian Metis musician whose work exudes strength, fortitude, and optimism. Her upbeat tunes can spark discussions about mental health, substance abuse, loss, and human trafficking. With “Emergence,” Auroara continues to shine a light in the alternative folk and pop music scene while also continuing her own personal journey of self-discovery. With each new publication, she paves the way for a more accepting and empathic society by spreading the power of connection and acceptance.

Auroara Leigh

Auroara Leigh

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