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Find a Way

by Kieran James

Kieran James’s track “Find a Way” brings a slightly dreamy vibe and drives it soft but confident pop with an electronic touch, gradually adding those hip-hop and r&b vibes. The backing track is really something. The beat is unusually light, and the synth riff playing throughout the background has a sound that’s equal parts soothing and slightly haunting. The artist’s lead vocals above this one, as mentioned, have a softer presentation to them. The whole song has a bit of a soulful vibe to it, but for the most part, it’s a low-energy piece of music, the kind of track you can wind down to in the evening or take a long drive to.

Kieran James is a rhythm-and-blues singer and songwriter of English, Welsh and Ghanaian descent based in London, England. Known amongst his fans for his sonic versatility and conscious lyricism, his music explores romance, suffering and ethics, and is inspired by his experiences and those closest to him. His first single “Temptation”—a seductive and yet slow-paced rhythm-and-blues ballad—was released in August 2022. “Can’t Trust Myself” was released thereafter—a rhythmic ballad with dance elements that hark back to UK garage. His debut EP “Trials & Temptations”, is tentatively scheduled for release on December 16, 2022.

The song seems to express what the artists felt and intended to express in a wonderful soundscape. What we get from discovering it, as strangers, is something overwhelmingly emotional and raw and real—whether our minds are going to the same place or not, but the feeling is strong, and that’s where the genuine power lies. The hook part of this song is almost hidden in the music itself, but it grabs you anyway – it’s not a noticeable change in melody, there’s just something about those hard-hitting two lines.

It’s an amazing influence, and it speaks to the fact that there aren’t many artists who put this much creativity and energy and effort into electronic releases these days. There is something in this sound that feels beyond the now or the present. So invite you to stay tuned with Kieran James for his new releases.

Kieran James

Kieran James

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