Hear it, See it Feel the Music.

PoliTricKs lll

by MC

Mike-Charles (MC) Nahounou is a music artist and an NFT pioneer. He is combining blockchain technology and methods from the Renaissance in order to innovate the music business. Earning the moniker, MC, he tells his life story through his passion for musical and visual art. Having trademarked the term, “Musical Art”, Mike-Charles is redefining what it means to create music and art using #BlockchainRules.

Mike-Charles’ passion transcends art and business, and it has trained him to be wise and intelligent. This was amplified by the sudden death of his father in 2016, which led to the success of his father’s oil and gas company in the Ivory Coast. It is his heritage and family story that drives him to share his rich journey through music, art and film. Mike-Charles’ work focuses primarily on non-fictional themes of interrelated faith, family, and finances. His photojournalistic approach captures more realistic experiences and moments, allowing him to deeply connect with his audience. With over 20 years of experience in arts and entertainment, his works are well-collected by art and music lovers worldwide. His latest creation, The Antiquity Project (TAP) is a heritage project that aims to empower both fine art creators and collectors.

“MC” delivered one of his most immersive soundscapes for “PoliTricKs lll” to the great shock of the audience there. If the soundtrack of an intense movie scene helped you get swept off your feet, consider this a cinematic experience built for such a climactic moment.

There’s a great use of contrast on display throughout this release, the fast pace of that distant rhythmic synth-hum creating a frenetic vibe with the delicacy of ambient video waves and of course soft, haunting vocal lines. What this does is build a mood that feels quietly decisive, as if the melody is essential but energy is equally important to remind you that time is passing. In fact, the energetic visuals that accompany the track during the video add significantly to the awesomeness. It’s a powerful thing to witness, and the more you listen, the more you play it, and the more you let it take over—the stronger and more fascinating and inspiring the experience becomes.

MC knows exactly the sound we want to deliver, and he knows exactly how to do it – this song is authentic, relevant and beautifully interesting all at the same time.

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