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Old Ways

by Acecalibur

“Old Ways” by “Acecalibur” is an undeniably addictive piece of music with a melodic groove and dreamlike atmosphere that works hard to draw you in and hook you. The song’s dark and somewhat whimsical vibe is surprisingly reaching and engaging, especially for a release that uses a celebrity’s assets to explore the depth or extent of their own dreams.

He is a producer and songwriter, combining the two to create a melodic rap sound. As he currently has a fairly small community and is trying to see what works to blow up, he tries a slightly new sound with each song. Music has been a huge passion of his entire life, but he has taken it seriously for about 2 years since he got into production during the 2020 lockdown. He’s been quiet for a while perfecting his sound but has a lot of songs for now.

Everything about the song works hard to ensure that you are thinking about it or singing it in your mind. As a Acecalibur artist, there is a specific image and approach to creativity that inspires curiosity and curiosity. Listening to some of his previous releases, this one has a noticeably softer vibe, leaning more towards rap and hip-hop than previous heavier, rap-inspired offerings. The soundtrack in this case is really well crafted, the instrumental choices work perfectly, and the chord progressions have this soft melancholy, reflective mood.

Melodically the song obviously simplifies things. This decision is one that reinforces that feeling of anxiety or uncertainty again. Simple repetition improves this further. The song has a simple sense of movement, repeating only a few distinct phrases of the melody and keeping the ambience consistent despite one or two well-placed structural breaks. The more you listen, the more this initially dark environment evolves into something hopeful and bright.

This is where the rap sound really comes in – the distortion, the raw excitement, the rage. The song is extraordinary for all these reasons and more. It is definitely a feature and the performances make for a very memorable experience.

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