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Throw it up
Nicky McGrady
Nicky McGrady & Son Zues

Throw It Up

by Nicky McGrady & Son Zues

The new song “Throw it up,” created by the talented team of Nicky McGrady and Son Zues, is sure to turn up the volume and get your blood pumping. This high-octane song will get you up and moving, and it will leave you wanting more.

The collaborative effort “Throw it up” features the extraordinary abilities of both Nicky McGrady and Son Zues. The song, produced by the incomparable Son Zues, features a throbbing backbeat, catchy melodies, and an addictive drive that will have you on the dance floor in no time.

Check out the music video for “Throw it up” on YouTube and feel the song’s throbbing energy for yourself. Get down with Nicky McGrady and Son Zues as they showcase their signature fusion of hip-hop and pulsating beats. Prepare to toss your hands in the air and have a good time as you enter into the fascinating world created by this fantastic teamwork.

Listen to this powerful song before it blows up the charts. Listen to “Throw it up” now to give your playlist a boost.

Nicky McGrady

Nicky McGrady & Son Zues

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