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Connoisseur’s Choice

by 2xplicit

2XPLICIT means to explain all and leave nothing out and when it comes to his music, he gives it his all with thoughtful and powerful wordplay. His attention to detail and precision timing when rhyming over beats enables him to stand out from the crowd and compliment every piece of production he works on.
2XPLICIT is a philosophical thinker and this is reflected in his music. He has a big heart and cares about the future of mankind, and utilizes his music to expand levels of thought for the listener. Growing up in Peckham and mastering his craft among many other MC’s in and around London gives his sound a hard-hitting edge with a flow that has been compared to a congo drum. However, his delivery is very versatile and he gives each musical production its tailored unique approach.
2XPLICIT has a keen interest in esoteric/spiritual knowledge, such as shamanism, as well as ufology and astrology which highly influences his unique sound. 2XPLICIT deems to have fun with the right beat and he has created fun upbeat songs. He is a diverse artist with great lyrical agility and can take you on a vast journey of images through his words. His journey has been one of self-discovery and development.

“Connoisseur’s Choice” is a virtuoso track that delivers a powerful vibe to the listeners. The weight of the artist’s voice deepens the amazingness of the lyrics in catchy conduct. This impressive rap is distinctive in 2XPLICIT’s music career as it is composed with all the musical standards to attract a huge fanbase.

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