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One America
Radial by The Orchard
Son of a Marine

One America

by Son of a Marine

What a beautiful colossal sense of classic soul you get from this latest single “One America” from the “Son of a Marine” artist. This song is about the need to bring unity. The opening instrumental sets a very old-school scene, even with the confident and retro edge usually only found in a timeless live performance clip. In addition to this, of course, changing the song from a lot of older music to very modern-sounding electronic riffs fills in all those gaps that a bit more organic music often leaves behind.

The music in “One America” has a beautifully mellow and soulful vibe to it, and what’s more; all the elements with which it has been crafted are superbly connected by those gorgeously expressive leading speeches of America’s former presidents. There are some really impressive and creative productions from start to finish.

Everything here shines brightly – the work put into it is clearly thought out, well thought out, and necessarily made to count. Later, as you get further into the track, these presidents’ speeches are heartfelt and become sensational. The key change adds this whole new dynamic, bringing the track smoothly but surely forward from peacefully soft to passionately massive. One that blended very well with the end of the music.

It’s such a solid track even with all the technical details aside; The genre, the style, the direction – the point is, it’s a track you can turn on, turn on and get completely lost in. It’s a beautiful performance stylishly woven into a lush-sounding soundtrack. There’s a lot about it that feels brand new – he’s an artist you want to do well, purely because of something special created through sound and performance.

“One America” is a track that exudes positivity, unity and optimism, and there isn’t enough music that does that in the mainstream industry these days, so we congratulate Son of a Marine on his craft. He has a great mind, he presents in a very competent and professional manner; Some catchy notes, and great tunes, you know a live performance is worth checking out. We look forward to hearing more.

Radial by The Orchard

Son of a Marine

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