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Pangal – Tunel

by Kadric

Kadric is a Bern, Switzerland based Techno Artist, bringing a refreshing touch to the industry with an original and authentic style. This artist’s flow and creativity set him apart from his competition. Kadric came into contact with electronic music at a young age. In school, he was already playing different instruments in a band and composing their whole songs. With his first computer software, he was creating beats for his friends, which together with lyrics, he was then able to sell some of his Hip Hop beats on different online platforms. After his first visit to a ̈Disco ̈ in his hometown of Bern, Cedric fell in love with the Electronic Dance Music and bought his first DJ Equipment. Soon he would begin his first music project under the name ̈Krafteck ̈ which quickly landed him plenty of opportunities to perform. He began producing Minimal Techno which meant he could sign on known labels such as ̈Reload Records ̈, ̈Funk’n Deep Records ̈, ̈Hungry Koala Records ̈, ̈DC10 Records ̈ and more. His music was now becoming recognized worldwide and being played by huge artists such as ̈Spartaque ̈, ̈T78 ̈ and also ̈The YellowHeads ̈. Cedric decided to change his name to Kadric Feeling that this name fitted better to him personally. The name means something like ̈ruler of war ̈ and is derived from his first name. Under his new name, he released his first EP’s early 2019. Fast he was already able to perform at bigger Events and Festivals all over Switzerland, such as SpaceMonki Zürich, Borderline Basel, Rok Klub Luzern, Sedel Ebikon, Gaskessel Bern, the Streetparade and the official We Love Techno Event in Switzerland

He tends to stand out from what’s considered trending these days. His latest track, Pangal – Tunel, is definitely a track everyone can feel and relate to. Kadric mixes the perfect beat to vibe.

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