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Hex Hex

by Simon Carter & Fabsi

Prepare to be spellbound by “Hex Hex (Wir Sind Die Hexen),” the latest single from Simon Carter & Fabsi. This mesmerizing track combines the dark allure of techno with the raw power of industrial techno, creating a sonic experience that is both haunting and exhilarating.

Simon Carter, a seasoned electronic music producer from the UK, and Fabsi, a dynamic vocalist from Germany, have joined forces to craft a track that transcends borders and genres. Simon’s extensive background in electronic music, coupled with Fabsi’s captivating vocals, makes for an irresistible combination that will leave listeners entranced.

“Hex Hex (Wir Sind Die Hexen)” delves into the mystical and the magical, evoking the ancient power of witches through its pulsating beats and eerie melodies. The track is a testament to the duo’s creative synergy and their ability to push the boundaries of techno music.

Immerse yourself in the dark, enchanting world of “Hex Hex (Wir Sind Die Hexen)” and let Simon Carter & Fabsi cast their spell on you.

Simon Carter

Simon Carter & Fabsi

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